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Side view of cat and flap

Cat Flaps

Pet flaps offer huge convenience, and allow your pet freedom to come and go as they please between your home and the outside world, without you having to let them out and back in again. Choose Bracknell Glazing Domestic - pet flap installers in Bracknell.

For Dogs Aswell As Cats

Pet flaps are being increasingly used for dogs as well as cats, and provided that appropriate security measures are in place (such as a smart pet collar to open the flap), there is no reason why a larger pet flap should pose a security risk.


We can install a pet flap into uPVC and double-glazed doors, French doors, and conservatories.

A ginger cat leaves the house through a cat flap
Legs of cat in cat flap

A Variety Of Pet Flaps

We can only install pet flaps into new, made-to-measure glazed units, with all systems pre-cut and sealed, as existing double glazing cannot be cut.


Any attempt to cut or break existing double glazing may cause it to shatter, as it is a sealed unit. You can choose from a variety of pet flaps, and you can carefully consider the best type to blend in with your home.

Experienced Fitters

We have been installing pet flaps for dogs and cats for many years, and our fitters are highly experienced. You can rest assured knowing that we will install your pet flaps to the highest of standards. Our fitters can install a pet flap into a variety of different door and porch types.

Contact us at Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell to find out more.

Side view of cat and flap
Conservatory Roof

Do You Want The Convenience Of A Cat Flap?

Contact Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell for expert pet flap installers. We also install uPVC doors and composite doors. Check out our FAQ.

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