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Glass splashback

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are an affordable, completely customisable, and stylish alternative to tiles. Their reflective surface will help to bounce light around the room, and make it appear more spacious. Glass splashbacks provided by the experts at Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell.

An Alternative To Tiles

Tiles have been used as splashbacks for kitchens for a long time because there wasn’t an affordable alternative. However, modern technological advancements have produced an effective alternative in the form of glass splashbacks.


Glass splashbacks have many advantages over tiles. They can be cut to any size or shape, and we provide an expert measuring service so you can be sure your new splashbacks fit perfectly, first time.

Corner of kitchen with splashbacks
Glass splashbacks in red kitchen

Easy To Clean And Hygienic

Glass can be supplied in any colour and in a variety of finishes. The glass is toughened, which makes it much harder to break and improves its resistance to heat. It can be used for splashbacks, breakfast bars and upstands.


We can custom make your glass to suit any size of kitchen and any style of décor. Unlike tiles, there are no grouting lines to become discoloured and trap dirt, grease, and crumbs.

Completely Customisable

Glass is so much easier to keep clean and it looks sleek and modern. It is completely customisable to look exactly as you wish. It won’t stain and as toughened glass is nearly five times tougher than normal glass, it’s very difficult to crack or chip. It is extremely durable, and will retain its elegant and stylish looks for years to come.


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Kitchen area with glass splashbacks
Conservatory Roof

Would You Like A Glass Splashback Feature
In Your Home?

Contact us at Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell to discuss your project. We also provide bespoke mirrors and shower screens.

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