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Conservatory roof

Conservatory Roof Repairs

A leaky or broken roof can cause a lot of damage, so call us for a swift and efficient repair service. Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell are the experts in conservatory roof repairs.

Fast And Reliable Emergency Glazing Service

We provide a fast, reliable emergency glazing service and we will fix any broken glass swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that the area is made safe, any broken glass is disposed of and that your property is secure.


We are experienced in handling all kinds of emergency situations and we’ll be able to ensure your property is protected until we can provide a permanent replacement for any broken glass.

uPVC Conservatory

Reliable And Effective Repair Service

Sometimes a conservatory roof doesn’t need to be replaced – it just needs repairing. It is usually eco-friendlier and more cost-effective to repair a roof, rather than install a completely new one.

For the pocket and the planet, it is much better to repair where possible, and replace if needed.

Guidance And Advice

A conservatory roof can be expected to last between 10 and 15 years, and it is often surprising how much time has passed, so you may be due for a new roof.


If you contact us we will be able to provide advice and guidance and we will be happy to visit you to review your conservatory and give you an estimate on either repairing your roof, or providing a replacement. Contact Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell.

Inside conservatory
Conservatory Roof

Does Your Conservatory Roof Need Repairing?

Contact Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell and we will help you get your roof sorted. We also install new conservatory roofs and repair windows.

0800 854621

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