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Glass Balustrades

Modern glass is tough as well as sleek and easy to clean. It is completely customisable to suit any space or situation. Whatever your style – glass is the answer. Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell are the experts in all types of glass for your home.

Robust And Beautiful

Thanks to the modern advances in creating toughened and laminated glass, this versatile material can be used for applications where safety is paramount. This is perfectly illustrated by our glass balustrades, where an apparently fragile material like glass is used to create an entirely robust and secure barrier.


A glass balustrade is ideal for a balcony or raised patio, where you want to make the most of the scenic surroundings.

Stairs and glass balustrade
View of glass balustrade

Sleek, Stylish, And Modern

Nothing beats glass for a sleek, stylish, modern look and feel.


All our glass is compliant with safety standards in Britain and Europe, and all our products are manufactured and installed to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, so let the experts at Bracknell Glazing Domestic advise and guide you on the best design and materials to use.

A Variety To Choose From

Whether you want to create the perfect balcony to enjoy the view from your bedroom, or enjoy an uninterrupted view of the garden from your decking or patio, we can help you complete your dream project. You can choose from framed, semi-framed, or frameless glass panels, and they can be made from toughened glass, laminated glass or glass that is both toughened and laminated.


Contact Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell.

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Conservatory Roof

Are You Thinking Of Installing A Glass Balustrade Or Banister? 

Contact us at Bracknell Glazing Domestic in Bracknell. We also create bespoke mirrors and do window repairs.

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